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Some simple prayers to help you in your daily journey with God

Prayer is our way of connecting with God and having an opportunity in the busyness of the day to stop and focus on ourselves and the God who created us and loves us. Below are some simple prayers you may wish to use and also a number of links to sites that may help you in the development of a prayer discipline. Please remember that prayer is not just about shopping lists of things we want, it is also about listening to ourselves and to God. You may like to start your time of prayer by saying either quietly or out loud:

I am here (Which helps you centre yourself in the present)

You are here (In recognition that God is present)

We are Here ( In recognition that you are present with God)

Make sure you are comfortable and warm and perhaps use a picture or a candle to help you focus as your pray and reflect.

Prayer for the day can be found on this link:

Some prayers suitable for various times of the day can be found on this link:

We also have a regular prayer group which at the moment is meeting via zoom. Ismere@prayer is a chance to join in corporate prayer and to feel part of a prayer fellowship. For more information contact Nigel on

If you would like more information on prayer then please contact one of the clergy via our contact page.