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Due to the current pandemic, there are restrictions in place for Marriage ceremonies in Church Buildings. The detail of these can be found on:

The Service will be limited to 15 guests. No congregational singing will be permitted. If you feel this is too restrictive then please discuss with us re booking your marriage ceremony at a later date when restrictions may have been relaxed.

So you are thinking about getting married?

If you are engaged or seriously thinking about getting married then now is the best time to get in contact with the church.

We would love to meet you and discuss this exciting time in your life– We can begin to think about the practical side of getting married (when where and what the service might involve)

Who can be married in church?

Any adult who lives within the parish boundaries or has a connection with the Parish (or is on the church electoral roll). Please contact us to discuss this further.

What if one or both of us have been married before?

Marriage is intended to be a lifelong commitment. However, we realise that sometimes promises are broken, relationships fracture and come to an end. In certain cases we will consider re-marrying those who’ve already been married.

We follow the Bishop’s guidelines on re-marriage there is a useful form and explanation of the policy available

How can we make the arrangements?

Please call in at the parish office between 6.30pm & 7.15 on either a Tuesday or Thursday (it may be best to contact the office first just to make sure that there will be someone there on the evening that you have chosen). A member of the clergy will meet you to discuss your plans and take some basic information from you. We will require a £50 deposit before confirming the booking.

Getting ready

We know that every engaged couple wants to give their marriage the best possible start and so we provide marriage preparation for all couples to help couples lay the foundations for a relationship that will last a lifetime

Marriage preparation will involve looking at

  • the importance of commitment
  • how to recognise and appreciate your differences
  • the art of communication
  • resolving conflict
  • the importance of spending time together and nurturing your friendship
  • making each other feel loved
  • developing a good sexual relationship
  • the importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams

This is based on Christian principles however it is designed for all couples with or without a church background.

Sorting out the practical details

A month or two before the service you will meet with the person taking the service to discuss practical details of what the service will involve. If you would like to book the (optional) choir and/or bellringers for your service, then we will need to know this at least 6 weeks before the date.

In the days before the wedding service you will have a rehearsal.