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About us introduction

Welcome to the Kidderminster Ismere Team parish. The Parish is a registered Charity No. 1132329

We are a diverse mix of town centre, estate and rural communities of Christians, with 7 church buildings. The Team provides a Christian presence in our different settings, to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to all. We do this through regular worship, community outreach, teaching, work in local schools and giving support through the key life events of birth, marriage and death.

We aim to meet all kinds of people with all kinds of needs, hopes and dreams. And we would love to hear what you are looking for to help you understand the Christian faith, deepen your faith, and worship God. As you navigate through our website you will see contacts for christenings and weddings, and for any events, services or courses that are planned.

The Christian message is one of welcome and hospitality, but we know we can always improve. Let us know if there is anything we can do better.

We hope that as you make contact with us, you will sense God’s presence in the midst of this busy world, and will find a place to belong in one of the congregations that meet in our church buildings, where you can experience God’s love and peace.